This Week's FIT TIP: 2-15-10

Live Longer with More Muscle?!


Dear New Yorkers,


At the age of 71, Ernestine Sheperd (pictured left) is in better shape than most people are in their 20's. She runs everyday, without joint pain, benches 155 lbs, and has enough energy to power through her daily 1 hr workout. What's her secret? If you ask her, the answer is fairly simple; her secret is that she continues to lift weights.


As many of you know, past a certain age our bodies lose about 1 1/2 pounds of muscle a year. This loss of skeletal muscle contributes to a number of musculo skeletal problems such as osetopreoesis and arthritis; diseases which are commonly associated with "aging". Furthermore, with less lean body mass our metabolisms slow down and we become susceptible to a wide range of metabolic disorders such as obesity, type II diabetes, and high blood pressure.


By lifting weights you will fight this naturally occurring atrophy process that accompanies aging. As a result, you will prevent chronic inflammation, boost your metabolism (thus fighting metabolic disorders such as Type II diabetes and high blood pressure), as well as help improve your organ reserve. All of these benefits are crucial to fighting the aging process and should provide you a strong reason to get started with your own weight training program.


If you have any questions about which exercises would be best for you, send us an email to set up a complimentary fitness orientation.


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The Drive-Thru Diet?!?


Hey New Yorkers!


Taco Bell, the world's largest "authentic" Mexican eatery, has just come up with a revolutionary diet; THE DRIVE THRU-DIET! Anchored by "super fit" T.V. personality Chris Rose, dietician Ruth Carey, and iron-clad testimony by four paid actors, Taco Bell is taking bold steps to change the way Americans view fast food.


JUST KIDDING!! At least, in regards to Taco Bell taking bold steps towards changing the American fast food landscape. Fast food will stay primarily greasy and trans-fatty just the way we like it. HOWEVER, I'm not kidding about Taco Bell trying to pass as health conscious? Taco Bell, the champion of mystery meat, is HEALTH CONSCIOUS?


Upon closer inspection I found out the secret to their revolutionary diet. They REPLACE THE CHEESE WITH TOMATOES. Its pure genius!! But why not apply this technique to all your food items and call it the SAN QUESO OPTION.


Don't be fooled New Yorkers. Taco Bell is the same run down fast food place that it has always been. Although, it appears that the mystery surrounding their mystery meat has finally been solved. Just speculation, but still...


Your Trainer NYC,











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