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YourTrainerNYC.com was established in 2009 and represents a network of highly experienced and certified Personal Trainers in NYC. Although most of our trainers are primiarily based out of Manhattan we have trainers in 4 out of 5 boroughs, making us one of the largest networks of personal trainers in New York City. The number of trainers in our network is continuously expanding and include some trainer celebrities, former physcial therapists, massage therapists, competitive bodybuilders, and even athletes. Our clientele includes celebrities, athletes, senior citizens, business executives, housewives, blue collar workers, and anyone seeking to approve their fitness level and appearance. FURTHERMORE, because we are a network of independent personal trainers it gives our trainers the ability to charge on average LESS than the price of personal training at a standard gym. If you are looking for a highly experienced, certified, yet affordable personal trainer in NYC, trust us to find them for you!


Frequently Asked Questions


(Q) How is my trainer selected for me?

(A) We will use the information collected in your fitness consultation to make our recommendation. Our trainer recommendations are based upon your fitness goals, personality types, your personal perferrences, and the trainers qualifications. Needless to say if you are not happy with your particular trainer you can ask for a different selection.


(Q) I want to do In-Home training but don't have any equipment. Can I still do In-Home training?

(A) Yes, you can still do home training. A lot can be done with little to no equipment. If this is the case, please let us know before hand so we can recommend someone who has experience with this type of training.


(Q) Is there a referral fee?

(A) No, there is no referral fee. We are not a referral service and therefore DO NOT charge a referral fee.


(Q) I am an independent trainer and am looking to join the network, is there a fee to join? And how do I apply?

(A) Currently, there is no fee to join our network for independent trainers. If you

would like to join please send us an email with the subject line: BECOME A TRAINER. Before the interview process please give us 2 personal recommendations and have copies of your certifications and insurance ready.


For any other questions see our policy and procedures section or contact us at info@yourtrainernyc.com


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